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weed in New South Wales

Is Weed Legal in New South Wales? – Australia Series

This is part 3 of our 8 part series exploring weed in Australia. We're talking about weed in New South Wales, the most populated state in Australia and home to the city of Sydney....
is weed legal in Colombia

Is Weed Legal In Colombia?

The Republic of Colombia is a bountiful north-western nation of South America. It is renowned for its year-round perfect weather and its immense natural beauty. But at one time, Colombia was synonymous with something...
is weed legal in Monaco

Is Weed Legal in Monaco?

Monaco is officially the world's second-smallest country, right after Vatican City. Monaco is so small that you can walk the length of the country in less than an hour. It's a city-state on the...
is weed legal in the Dominican Republic

Is Weed Legal In The Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is the third most populated country in the Caribbean. It sits on Hispaniola, the second largest island in the Caribbean, with Haiti occupying roughly 1/3, and the Dominican Republic occupying the...
is weed legal in Nigeria

Is Weed Legal In Nigeria?

Nigeria is undoubtedly the most populous black nation on earth, priding itself as one of the world's major oil-producing countries. However, weed, or Igbo as it's popularly called isn't legal and is considered taboo...
is marijuana legal in Costa Rica

Is Marijuana Legal In Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the most developed nations in Central America. It has the highest human development index score of all mainland Central America, just beating Panama. Unfortunately though, that high development score...
is weed legal in Poland

Is Weed Legal In Poland?

Poland and conservative go hand-in-hand. The country has recently been making international news due to its "LGBT free zones". Unsurprisingly, weed is not legal in Poland. But, there are a few caveats to this,...
is marijuana legal in Portugal

Is Marijuana Legal In Portugal?

Beautiful and sunny, Portugal is a pioneering country. The westernmost nation of mainland Europe has done the unimaginable. Well, at least it seemed unimaginable at the time. In 2001, Portugal decriminalized all drugs. That’s right,...
is weed legal in Vanuatu

Is Weed Legal In Vanuatu?

Situated some 2,307 miles off the east coast of Australia, the island nation of Vanuatu will soon be seeing legal medical weed in their country. They will be joining a number of other Pacific...
is weed legal in France

Is Weed Legal In France?

France is home to some very strict weed laws. At least on paper anyway. Despite this, recreational use is prevalent throughout the country, earning it the number four spot for monthly consumption within the...