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is cannabis legal in Bulgaria

Is Cannabis Legal in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria as a country seems to be facing a lot of problems at the moment. Problems that the legalization of cannabis could help them with. Not only is Bulgaria the poorest country in the...
weed in Queensland

Is Weed Legal in Queensland? – Australia Series

This is part 2 of our 8 part series exploring weed in Australia. We're talking about weed in Queensland, Australia's second-largest state behind Western Australia. Part 1 – Weed in Northern TerritoryPart 2 – Weed...
is marijuana legal in Hungary

Is Marijuana Legal In Hungary?

The land of paprika, thermal baths, and a declining democracy. Hungary is the only EU nation to not be declared a full democracy by Freedom House (a US government-funded non-profit group). So it should...
is weed legal in Greece

Is Weed Legal in Greece?

You could say that weed in Greece is currently half legal. Greece legalized medicinal weed in June of 2017, but has not yet legalized recreational weed. Greece considered the medical step a necessary reform...
is weed legal in Belize

Is Weed Legal In Belize?

Belize is one of those interesting countries where cannabis legality is a yes and no situation. Though there are some somewhat legal ways to smoke weed in Belize, it is still largely illegal, even...
is weed legal in Algeria

Is Weed Legal In Algeria?

Algeria is the largest country in Africa, with the vast Sahara desert covering over 80% of the land. Population-wise, Algeria is the 9th most populous country in Africa, with most of its population living along...
is weed legal in Poland

Is Weed Legal In Poland?

Poland and conservative go hand-in-hand. The country has recently been making international news due to its "LGBT free zones". Unsurprisingly, weed is not legal in Poland. But, there are a few caveats to this,...
is marijuana legal in Panama

Is Marijuana Legal In Panama?

When you think of Panama, images of Panama City's impressive skyline probably spring to mind, with Trump Tower to one side. What you may not immediately think about is Panama City's ridiculously cheap weed....
is weed legal in Austria

Is Weed Legal In Austria? – A Local’s Perspective

Unlike neighboring Germany, Austria's weed laws are relatively strict. Although legal recreational weed may still be a while away, Austria has had a medical marijuana program for years now. Where it gets confusing though,...
is weed legal in Bangladesh

Is Weed Legal in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a South-Asian country with a lot of problems on its horizon. Specifically, the risks of flooding and rising sea levels (amongst other things). Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the...