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mexico marijuana

Is Marijuana Legal in Mexico?

Update: As of June 2021, cannabis is legal for private, recreational use in Mexico. It looks like Mexico will soon become the next country to legalize recreational marijuana, sandwiching the United States between the two largest...
is marijuana legal in Panama

Is Marijuana Legal In Panama?

When you think of Panama, images of Panama City's impressive skyline probably spring to mind, with Trump Tower to one side. What you may not immediately think about is Panama City's ridiculously cheap weed....
is weed legal in Kazakhstan

Is Weed Legal in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is an interesting place. It is the largest landlocked nation on Earth, and is home to the world's second coldest capital city called Nur-Sultan, formerly Almaty (the first being Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia). It...
is weed legal in Nigeria

Is Weed Legal In Nigeria?

Nigeria is undoubtedly the most populous black nation on earth, priding itself as one of the world's major oil-producing countries. However, weed, or Igbo as it's popularly called isn't legal and is considered taboo...
is weed legal in Slovenia

Is Weed Legal In Slovenia?

Beautiful Slovenia. One of the more overlooked European nations in my humble opinion. It's also the first former Yugoslavian country that we have covered. While it misses a lot of the attention that Italy,...
is weed legal in Kenya

Is Weed Legal in Kenya?

Kenya is a rapidly growing country with a population that has increased over 500% since 1960. With that growing population has come a growing user base for cannabis. According to Kenya’s Narcotic Drugs and...
is cannabis legal in Bulgaria

Is Cannabis Legal in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria as a country seems to be facing a lot of problems at the moment. Problems that the legalization of cannabis could help them with. Not only is Bulgaria the poorest country in the...
weed in Australian Capital Territory

Is Weed Legal in Australian Capital Territory – Australia Series

This is part 4 of our 8 part series exploring weed in Australia. We're talking about weed in the Australian Capital Territory, the smallest region in Australia and home to Canberra. Ok, technically Jervis...
is marijuana legal in India

Is Marijuana Legal In India?

India has chartered much of the course of human history, with scientific achievements and cultural marvels, distinct from many of their geographic neighbors. They have developed fine cuisines, and erected monuments drawing as much...
weed in Victoria

Is Weed Legal in Victoria – Australia Series

This is part 5 of our 8 part series exploring weed in Australia. We're talking about weed in Victoria, Australia's second-smallest state behind Tasmania. Part 1 – Weed in Northern TerritoryPart 2 – Weed in...