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is weed legal in Colombia

Is Weed Legal In Colombia?

The Republic of Colombia is a bountiful north-western nation of South America. It is renowned for its year-round perfect weather and its immense natural beauty. But at one time, Colombia was synonymous with something...
is weed legal in Algeria

Is Weed Legal In Algeria?

Algeria is the largest country in Africa, with the vast Sahara desert covering over 80% of the land. Population-wise, Algeria is the 9th most populous country in Africa, with most of its population living along...
is weed legal in France

Is Weed Legal In France?

France is home to some very strict weed laws. At least on paper anyway. Despite this, recreational use is prevalent throughout the country, earning it the number four spot for monthly consumption within the...
is weed legal in Honduras

Is Weed Legal In Honduras?

Filled with sandy beaches, tropical rainforests, and an unnervingly high homicide rate, Honduras is one of the lesser-traveled Central American countries for tourists. While weed is not legal there, Honduras does have some reasonably...
is weed legal in Georgia country

Is Weed Legal in Georgia? (Country)

This article is about the country of Georgia, not the American state. The country of Georgia is part of the Caucus region between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Depending on how you define Europe,...
is weed legal in Finland

Is Weed Legal In Finland?

Finland is often ranked as the happiest country in the world. It's a country full of lakes, wildlife, and more lakes. It's also a country that's making some decent progress around cannabis reform. While...
is marijuana legal in Oman

Is Marijuana Legal In Oman?

Often referred to as the Switzerland of the Middle East, Oman plays a vital role in peacekeeping and bureaucracy within the region. Oman is a country not likely on the radar for cannabis enthusiasts....
is weed legal in Belize

Is Weed Legal In Belize?

Belize is one of those interesting countries where cannabis legality is a yes and no situation. Though there are some somewhat legal ways to smoke weed in Belize, it is still largely illegal, even...
is weed legal in Czechia

Is Weed Legal in Czechia (Czech Republic)?

Previously one half of Czechoslovakia, then the Czech Republic, and now Czechia, it's a country smack-bang in the middle of Europe, and is often thought of where Western Europe stops and Eastern Europe begins....
is weed legal in jamaica

Is Weed Legal In Jamaica?

It's a pretty common question for those traveling to the Caribbean - is weed legal in Jamaica? Jamaica and weed go hand in hand. The stereotype of Jamaican's smoking weed is well-known. Bob Marley,...