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is weed legal in jamaica

Is Weed Legal In Jamaica?

It's a pretty common question for those traveling to the Caribbean - is weed legal in Jamaica? Jamaica and weed go hand in hand. The stereotype of Jamaican's smoking weed is well-known. Bob Marley,...
is weed legal in France

Is Weed Legal In France?

France is home to some very strict weed laws. At least on paper anyway. Despite this, recreational use is prevalent throughout the country, earning it the number four spot for monthly consumption within the...
is weed legal in Monaco

Is Weed Legal in Monaco?

Monaco is officially the world's second-smallest country, right after Vatican City. Monaco is so small that you can walk the length of the country in less than an hour. It's a city-state on the...
is weed legal in Kenya

Is Weed Legal in Kenya?

Kenya is a rapidly growing country with a population that has increased over 500% since 1960. With that growing population has come a growing user base for cannabis. According to Kenya’s Narcotic Drugs and...
is weed legal in Europe

Is Weed Legal In Europe? – Complete List

Traveling around and wondering where weed is legal in Europe? This question of course depends on the individual countries in Europe, and whether they have legal weed. This post will outline the legal status...
is weed legal in Kazakhstan

Is Weed Legal in Kazakhstan?

Kazakhstan is an interesting place. It is the largest landlocked nation on Earth, and is home to the world's second coldest capital city called Nur-Sultan, formerly Almaty (the first being Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia). It...
is marijuana legal in Barbados

Is Marijuana Legal in Barbados?

Barbados is the birthplace of Rihanna and is known for its beaches and fantastic surf. This island country located in the Lesser Antilles of the West Indies have had their share of the wondrous...
is weed legal in Ireland

Is Weed Legal In Ireland?

The Emerald Isle, renowned for its verdant fields and repression at the hands of the English. And of course, its conspicuous production of alcohol. For many, it’s a dream to travel to old Ireland...
is weed legal in Nigeria

Is Weed Legal In Nigeria?

Nigeria is undoubtedly the most populous black nation on earth, priding itself as one of the world's major oil-producing countries. However, weed, or Igbo as it's popularly called isn't legal and is considered taboo...
is weed legal in Moldova

Is Weed Legal in Moldova?

Moldova. It is arguably the most unknown country in all of Europe, and with the lowest tourism rate in Europe, it's easy to see why. Weed isn't legal in Moldova, but the country has...