is weed legal in South Carolina

Is Weed Legal In South Carolina?

South Carolina, like many of the southern states, is yet to get legal weed in either its medicinal or recreational form. However, despite their slow and wobbly start, there are definitely rumblings that South...
is weed legal in Montana

Is Weed Legal In Montana?

Montana does not yet enjoy legal recreational weed, but they have had medicinal cannabis for some time. Although citizens of Montana are pro-legalization, the possession laws are currently some of the strictest in the US....
is marijuana legal in mississippi

Is Marijuana Legal In Mississippi?

Mississippi is a very conservative state. I mean, the confederate flag is still a part of its flag (weed leaves not included). No matter which states people include as their view of the Deep...
is marijuana legal in Alaska

Is Marijuana Legal In Alaska?

Is marijuana legal in Alaska? The answer to that question my friends is a resounding yes! Marijuana was legalized in 2014 and has had a roaring trade ever since, both from locals and tourists....
is weed legal in Alabama

Is Weed Legal In Alabama?

If you’re passingly familiar with Lynard Skynyrd you’ll know Alabama is the place of sweet homes and blue skies. The lyrics go on further to touch on the political sentiment of Alabama that carries...
is weed legal in Florida

Is Weed Legal In Florida?

Florida is a big, well-known state with a lot going for it. It's the third most populated state in the country, and one of the fastest-growing states too. And with some of the best...
is marijuana legal in Maine

Is Marijuana Legal In Maine?

Ahhh progressive New England. Only 50% of the 6 states have legal recreational marijuana at present, and Maine is one of them. Both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in Maine. But you don't...
is weed legal in virginia

Is Weed Legal In Virginia?

Recently Virginia has joined a number of states making medicinal weed legal, but only just. Recreational weed is still very much illegal, likely due to the fact that Virginia is a fairly conservative state...
is marijuana legal in Utah

Is Marijuana Legal In Utah?

Utah - a very religious and very Republican state. Their electoral college votes haven't gone towards the Democratic candidate since 1964. Surprising to some, medical marijuana is legal in Utah. More surprising, there's even...