is marijuana legal in south dakota

Is Marijuana Legal In South Dakota?

Who would've believed that South Dakota would be voting on legal changes regarding marijuana. Who would believe that South Dakota will vote on two separate amendments to make marijuana legal. 2020 is a crazy...
Is weed legal in Maryland

Is Weed Legal In Maryland?

In the state of Maryland, recreational weed is still not legal. The sale and possession of cannabis could still result in a prison sentence, and the same goes for growing. However, Maryland is far...
is weed legal in Delaware

Is Weed Legal In Delaware?

Delaware, the tax haven of the United States. It's one of only six states in the country with a population below 1 million. It's also the second smallest state by land area, and the...
is weed legal in virginia

Is Weed Legal In Virginia?

Recently Virginia has joined a number of states making medicinal weed legal, but only just. Recreational weed is still very much illegal, likely due to the fact that Virginia is a fairly conservative state...
is marijuana legal in mississippi

Is Marijuana Legal In Mississippi?

Mississippi is a very conservative state. I mean, the confederate flag is still a part of its flag (weed leaves not included). No matter which states people include as their view of the Deep...
is weed legal in Louisiana

Is Weed Legal In Louisiana?

Updated: Jan 1 2022 A new law that goes into effect on January 1 would vastly expand the state’s medical cannabis program by giving patients access to flower cannabis products. As it currently stands, patients are able to vaporize...
is weed legal in Montana

Is Weed Legal In Montana?

Updated Jan 1 2022Retail cannabis sales for adults 21 and older start in Montana on January 1. Adults will be able to purchase up to one ounce of cannabis at a time. Cannabis products will be...
is weed legal in South Carolina

Is Weed Legal In South Carolina?

South Carolina, like many of the southern states, is yet to get legal weed in either its medicinal or recreational form. However, despite their slow and wobbly start, there are definitely rumblings that South...
is weed legal in Nebraska

Is Weed Legal In Nebraska?

Without a doubt, Nebraska knows fun. After all, how could a state that’s home to the National Museum of Roller Skating not know fun? Or that it has the largest indoor rainforest (actually sounds...
is marijuana legal in North Carolina

Is Marijuana Legal in North Carolina?

Currently, marijuana is not legal in North Carolina, but that doesn’t mean there is no hope for the future. In fact, they have already decriminalized the drug so that first time offenders aren’t pointlessly...