is marijuana legal in mississippi

Is Marijuana Legal In Mississippi?

Mississippi is a very conservative state. I mean, the confederate flag is still a part of its flag (weed leaves not included). No matter which states people include as their view of the Deep South, Mississippi would be in all of them. Surprisingly, although Mississippi doesn’t have legal recreational marijuana, it is decriminalized. Like South…

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is weed legal in Wyoming

Is Weed Legal In Wyoming?

Wyoming is consistently ranked as the most conservative US state. Because of this, it will probably come as no surprise to anyone that weed is not legal in Wyoming. Weed in its plant form is illegal, but that doesn’t mean Wyoming has outlawed all forms of medical cannabis. Despite consistently being ranked as the most…

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is marijuana legal in Kentucky

Is Marijuana Legal In Kentucky?

Kentucky has a long history of opposing marijuana legalization. The state was one of the last we eliminated when trying to guess which would hypothetically be the last to legalize. It should come as no surprise to anyone that marijuana is not legal in Kentucky. It’s not all bleak news though. Possession of small quantities…

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is marijuana legal in Maine

Is Marijuana Legal In Maine?

Ahhh progressive New England. Only 50% of the 6 states have legal recreational marijuana at present, and Maine is one of them. Both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in Maine. But you don’t often hear about weed in Maine, and there’s a good reason why. Maine’s Place In New England Maine’s land size is…

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is weed legal in Louisiana

Is Weed Legal In Louisiana?

Updated: Jan 1 2022 A new law that goes into effect on January 1 would vastly expand the state’s medical cannabis program by giving patients access to flower cannabis products. As it currently stands, patients are able to vaporize cannabis preparations via a “metered-dose inhaler,” but smoking is not allowed. Outdated info: Like many American states, Louisiana has not…

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