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Cannabis Laws In the USA

is weed legal in Kansas

Is Weed Legal In Kansas?

Nothing says Kansas more than the unbroken sight of wheat fields. According to the state’s Department of Agriculture, Kansas has over 45 million acres of farmland. They are, as a state, one of the...
is weed legal in Montana

Is Weed Legal In Montana?

Updated Jan 1 2022Retail cannabis sales for adults 21 and older start in Montana on January 1. Adults will be able to purchase up to one ounce of cannabis at a time. Cannabis products will be...
Is weed legal in Maryland

Is Weed Legal In Maryland?

In the state of Maryland, recreational weed is still not legal. The sale and possession of cannabis could still result in a prison sentence, and the same goes for growing. However, Maryland is far...
is weed legal in virginia

Is Weed Legal In Virginia?

Recently Virginia has joined a number of states making medicinal weed legal, but only just. Recreational weed is still very much illegal, likely due to the fact that Virginia is a fairly conservative state...
is weed legal in Alabama

Is Weed Legal In Alabama?

If you’re passingly familiar with Lynard Skynyrd you’ll know Alabama is the place of sweet homes and blue skies. The lyrics go on further to touch on the political sentiment of Alabama that carries...
is marijuana legal in Maine

Is Marijuana Legal In Maine?

Ahhh progressive New England. Only 50% of the 6 states have legal recreational marijuana at present, and Maine is one of them. Both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in Maine. But you don't...
is marijuana legal in new hampshire

Is Marijuana Legal In New Hampshire?

Legal recreational marijuana is all around New Hampshire. If you ignore the tiny 18 miles of coastline, it is literally surrounded. From state to state the marijuana laws can be a little bit of...

Is Weed Legal in Colorado?

As of January 1, Colorado medical cannabis patients will be limited to purchasing up to eight grams of concentrate per day. The previous limit was 40 grams of concentrate daily. A patient will be able...
is marijuana legal in West Virginia

Is Marijuana Legal In West Virginia?

Picture this: you’re sitting in your pick-up truck, coming home from a long day of work. You’re driving through the Appalachians, John Denver serenading you on loop. Your thoughts are on the inevitable R&R...
is weed legal in Nebraska

Is Weed Legal In Nebraska?

Without a doubt, Nebraska knows fun. After all, how could a state that’s home to the National Museum of Roller Skating not know fun? Or that it has the largest indoor rainforest (actually sounds...