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It’s no secret that the cannabis industry is booming. It’s also no secret that social media companies have absolutely dominated various stock indices and markets over the last decade.

A lot of companies are currently vying to become the cannabis social network that everyone in the industry flocks to, and currently, those positions are still somewhat open. We’ve decided to sign-up to each cannabis social network listed below, and test them out for ourselves.

While a particular cannabis social network might currently be better than the others, there isn’t one that’s dominating the industry yet. To help our readers distinguish them all, and to work out which ones may be beneficial for your business, we’ve decided to test the most popular social media networks online today for all things weed.

cannabis social network


Number of Users1.3 million* (including
Similar toFacebook
Year Founded2013

On WeedLife’s homepage is a video stating they are “the Facebook of cannabis”. Upon signing up, they have an option to sign up as an individual or business.

There’s a newsfeed, and the general layout is intuitive and feels very familiar. They have a discussion section where you can ask and answer questions and vote on answers. There’s also a WeedLife TV section where you can watch interviews, entertainment and educational videos, and just about anything else cannabis-related.

The design and user experience leaves something to be desired, but it’s not terrible either. Overall WeedLife is one of the best cannabis social network options out there currently.

high there

Number of Users1 million +
Similar toTinder
Year Founded2014

When trying to signup, it took me a while to realize that the only way to access this cannabis social network is through the app. A bit annoying, but they actually have an app, unlike some others on this list.

When downloading the app, there was no option to signup as a business, so I had to signup as an individual instead.

Next came the “interests” signup question, where you had to pick at least one of the following:

  • Friends
  • Sharing
  • Dating
  • Delivery

Then came a few more personalization questions to tailor your experience, such as music, swimming, travel etc.

Even though I clicked the “sharing” option for my main interest, the app seems to be aiming for the tinder of cannabis, with an option to select men, women, or both to show up so you can swipe through.

The app has recently gone through an update, and is looking and feeling a lot better than before. There’s now a newsfeed and discover style sections of the app, expanding the offerings to its users.


Number of Users35,000
Similar toLinkedIn
Year Founded2016

Before writing this article, Leafwire was the only cannabis social network that we were already signed up to. The design seems very clean, and the website has a lot of features to offer.

Leafwire has a jobs board, and a marketplace where businesses can offer discounts and promotions for their cannabis focused services. They also have events that you can RSVP for, and business focused training specific for the cannabis industry.

Overall, Leafwire seemed to have a more polished product than the others on this list. It isn’t without bugs, but in general, Leafwire provides a great user experience.


Number of UsersUnknown
(although the website says there is, potentially in development)
Similar toFacebook
Year Founded2014

Weedable also gives you the option to signup as either an individual or a business. The signup is fairly clunky and not very intuitive, although it still works.

The number of active users appears to be pretty small, with the “latest posts” section showing only a handful of posts from the last week.

There is also a “shop” section, which seems to be one of the main purposes of the website, although I’m not entirely sure about this either.

In general, Weedable seems to be functional, but still needs a lot of work before people would want to use it more. Compared to WeedLife, Weedable is a lower quality version in my opinion.


Number of UsersUnknown
(says available on Google Play, however doesn’t seem to exist)
Similar toForums
Year FoundedUnknown

GrowDiaries is a cannabis social network focused on, you guessed it, tracking your growing experience. The website has a unique purpose, with a lot of active users. They have a tonne of documented grows of different strains, with detailed information such as air temperatures, pH, humidity, lamp to plant distance, and a lot more. There’s also a lot of photos to go with it, and there’s a space to ask questions about the grow.

In general, it’s an interesting website and a valuable resource for cannabis growers. GrowDiaries isn’t confused about what it’s offering to customers and users. Because of this, it’s built up a very healthy user base absolutely filled with content.

Benzinga Cannabis Network

Number of UsersUnknown / Not Applicable
Similar toForums
Year Founded2020

Benzinga Cannabis Network doesn’t appear to be a social network per se, but more of a resource guide for various cannabis companies. On it, you can find attorneys, financial services, suppliers etc.

In the footer is states, “The largest cannabis business network”, which isn’t surprising given’s reach. There are options to list your business, with different priced plans offering different features. There’s also a free plan available.

There’s various discussion threads you can join, or you can start your own.


Number of Users250,000 +
Similar toInstagram / Tinder
Year Founded2014

Last on the list is Duby. This is an app-only cannabis social network and is similar to Instagram and Tinder. Instagram because the main forms of content appear to be photos and videos, and Tinder because you swipe left and right on content voting for it. Or in the case of Duby, put out or pass the joint.

Unfortunately, the app failed to load any photos or videos when I tried it, even after multiple resets. From the app store ratings, it seems I’m not the only one to have these problems. Hopefully, the app gets a fix soon because Duby seems like a cool idea.

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