Cannabis Laws In Guatemala

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Beautiful Guatemala. One of the most violent countries in the world in recent years, yet still sees huge volumes of tourists every year (or in a normal year, anyway). You’re likely reading this wondering about the cannabis laws in Guatemala, and whether weed is legal there or not. Well, unfortunately, both recreational and medical use are still illegal. The constitution of Guatemala does state that drug addiction is a social matter and the state has an obligation to carry out rehabilitation actions and promote recovery. Whether this plays into the leniency of the weed laws is hard to say though.

cannabis laws in Guatemala

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Cannabis Laws Guatemala

Information about the cannabis laws in Guatemala is somewhat scarce, but according to, the general outline is as follows:

CrimePrisonQuetzal Fine (USD)
(own use)
4 months – 2 years200-10,000
(26-1300 USD)
Planting / growing5 – 20 years10,000-1,000,000
(1,300-130,000 USD)
Production / processing8 – 20 years50,000-1,000,000
(6,400-130,000 USD)
Trafficking / storage12 – 20 years50,000-1,000,000
(6,400-130,000 USD)
International transit12 – 20 years50,000-1,000,000
(6,400-130,000 USD)

The lines get blurred when trying to define possession for their own use, however. From the above-linked source, it sounds like the judge will decide whether it’s for personal use or not based on the circumstances. Regardless though, this could still land you with 2 years in prison. I’m not sure what a Guatemalan prison looks like, but after watching scenes from the Panama Prison Break, I’m not sure I want to find out.

Weed in Guatemala

Like most Latin American countries, weed (or Mota as it’s locally known as) in Guatemala is quite common and isn’t too hard to find. According to Merry Jane, state universities are one of the safer options for finding weed in Guatemala, as the government intervention is prohibited there. The keyword here is safer. This obviously still carries its own risks.

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What the Future Holds

While other Latin American countries have been making decent strides in recent years around cannabis law reform, Guatemala seems to be lagging behind. If and when Mexico finally legalizes, that might put some geographic pressure on Guatemala. Another one of its neighbors, Belize is far more relaxed than Guatemala when it comes to cannabis laws.

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