Arizer Solo 2 Review

Arizer Solo 2

The original Arizer Solo was an instant hit in the vape world. Have a read of our full review of the Arizer Solo 2 to see if it lives up to its predecessor. For a quick summary, scroll to the bottom of the article.

Arizer Solo 2

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What’s Changed Since The Original?

Arizer didn’t just make this vaporizer to try and sell more products. Actually, I’m sure they did, but the second edition has plenty of reasons to exist. It’s not just one of those “new and improved” things that is essentially the same thing.

We’ll go into more detail below, but the Arizer Solo 2 has a smaller size, a screen, and a larger battery. All positive changes. As far as vaporizing goes, it now heats up faster and the temperature can be adjusted in 1 degree increments. Nothing ground-breaking, but welcome additions nonetheless.

What’s In The Box?

Apart from the actual unit, the box comes with the following goodies:

  • 1 x stir tool
  • 1 x wall charger
  • 2 x silicone stem caps
  • 2 x glass aroma tubes (mouth pieces)
  • 1 x carrying case (belt clip)
  • 1 x lavender sample bag (lol)
  • 2 x mesh screens
  • 1 x instruction manual

It’s Got A Screen

Having a screen on a portable vape is almost a necessity if you want to get any decent control out of it. Luckily the Arizer Solo 2 has one included now. The control buttons for the screen remind me of an old iPod with the wheels. There’s no touch sensors though so don’t get too excited. The device itself comes with fairly standard features. There’s Fahrenheit and Celsius settings, volume, brightness and timed shut-off. It’s got all the basics covered.

It’s also got a setting that you can change how long you need to hold the on button for to turn it on. Sounds like a bit of a weird feature to include, but we’ve all pocket dialed someone before. This feature makes sure you don’t turn the vape on by accident. The downside is that the minimum time this can be set for is 4 seconds. But if you don’t have time to wait those 4 seconds, you probably don’t have time to get high.

Physical Size Improvements

Height wise, the Solo 2 and original Solo are the same. Thanks to its oval shape though, the overall size of the Solo 2 is smaller. This decreased size still isn’t enough to make it smaller than the Air 2 however, but it’s still a great improvement for a portable vaporizer.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality from the Arizer Solo vaporizer is amazing. I would be skeptical of even the biggest vapor snobs not thoroughly enjoying the vapor this thing produces. Drawing through air is also a lot easier than the first edition. And to top it off, the tube makes it feel like you’re just sucking on a big straw. I didn’t think I’d like this, but it feels very natural to use. Very very natural when you’re comparing to the Pax vaporizer (if you don’t buy the protruded mouthpiece). This is more of a personal preference though.

The vape comes with mesh screens that can be put into the glass tube. These are optional, but allow you to use finer grinds if you’re going for volume over taste. If you want some good quality vapor, sticking to a coarser grind works best. If you’re finding a lot of herb getting stuck in the tube, or making it into your mouth, you’ll know your grind is too fine to not have a screen.

Easy To Use

The Arizer Solo 2 is so easy to use. Just scoop some herb into your tube, give it a very light pack, wait for it to heat up, and you’re ready to go. Like most vapes, the first draw is less dense than the next. On the second hit though you can really see the vapor. If it’s still not producing much vapor, your grind might be a little too coarse. Have a play around with this so you get to know your preferred balance between quality and quantity.

Heat Up Time

The heat up time for the Solo II is around 30 seconds. This is pretty good, but there are quicker portable vapes out there. One annoying thing I’ve found is that even when the display shows it heated to the set temperature, you still need to wait a few more seconds. If you try to have a draw as soon as it says it’s ready, you’ll produce almost no vapor. Not a huge deal though, and once you’re used to this it really isn’t an issue anymore.


Warranties change depending on where you buy from. We’ll be talking about the warranty provided by because that’s where our affiliate links are pointing to. From their website, they offer the following:

  • lifetime warranty for the heating element
  • 2 year warranty covering defects from workmanship or materials
  • 1 year warranty covering the battery
  • no warranty for the glass pieces

The above warranties do not cover any damage caused by dropping, or trying to modify the unit.

Battery Life

This things battery life is amazing. And you’d want to hope it is, given the large size of it. At 8 inches (20 cm) tall, the Arizer Solo II is one of the larger portable vapes around. The battery is said to last 20 sessions on a full charge, or around 3 hours. I didn’t measure how much use I got out of it, but I’d say 20 sessions seemed about right. I didn’t have to charge this again for several days.

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The battery itself isn’t removable though, so if you are planning to take this on a camping trip or festival, it’d be a good idea to bring a power bank just in case.

Charging Time

A downside to the large battery is the time it takes to charge it from full to empty. A 3 hour charge should fully charge the device, giving you days of use. It can only be charged via the wall adapter, so no USB charging unfortunately. Generally speaking, only smaller batteries can be charged via USB though, which this thing definitely doesn’t have.

If you do forgot to plug in the Arizer Solo 2 though, don’t worry as it can be used while charging. The charging port at the back of the vape also now means you can stand your vape up while it’s charging.


The vaporizer itself doesn’t really need to be cleaned from what I’ve seen. Maybe with another six months of use I might give the top a quick scrape out with a cotton swab, but for now it’s remained very clean. The stem itself will require cleaning though. Just clean it like you would with any piece, whether that’s with a salt mix, specialist cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

Not Suitable For Concentrates

The Arizer Solo 2 is a dry herb vaporizer. It isn’t meant for use with concentrates. We did try it out with some wax, but because the stem is open at both ends, it just fell straight above the heating element. That’s not to say it didn’t work, but if you only use concentrates than there are better vape choices out there for you.

Putting some concentrate in with your herb should work better though. The herb should hold it in place so it’s actually still in the air stream, rather than touching the vaporizer.


What used to be one of the biggest negatives about this vape has slowly turned into a positive. The Solo 2 has been around for a few years now, and during that time the price has come down considerably. There are still cheaper options out there, but looking at a dollars to overall quality ratio, this vape is one of the best. At the time of writing, has them on sale for over 30% off.

Arizer Solo 2 Final Thoughts

Vapor Quality
One of the best portable
vapes for vapor quality
The Screen
A nice little addition, but most vaporizer’s have one now
Dry Herb Only
Only recommended for use with dry herb
Heat Up Time
One of the quickest portable
vapes for heat up time
Accidental Turn On Feature
Somewhat annoying, but might
save you accidentally turning the vape on
Battery Type
Battery can’t be removed
Battery Life
One of its best features
Smaller than the original, but still quite big
Newer vapes have come out, pushing down the price
Easy To Use
It’s very easy to use, but so it
should be
Cleaning is very rarely needed, and easy to do
Charging Time
Takes a long time to charge,
but it has a large battery to
charge, and you can use it
while charging

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