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The newest weed blog run by industry experts and insiders. We like to focus on news (including weed travel guides), reviews, and music for all things THC. As the medical marijuana industry grows and legalization becomes the norm around the world, more and more people will start to realize the medical benefits of the whole plant. We are here to help people learn more, not only about THC, but also the cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN, CBG, Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, and everything else that this plant is offering humanity.

Our experts are:

Max H.

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Tasha M.

Tasha Martinez writer for The THC Times

Tasha is a researcher and has been in the medical field for 5 years after graduating from FAU in south Florida with a degree in Nursing.

Marijuana News

With no set scope, we like to cover whatever we find interesting in the marijuana news space. This might be geography (weed travel guides), cannabis politics, new events, or anything really. Most of it isn’t exactly news, but we’re going to call it that anyway.

While we try to always keep our information as up to date as possible, doing this is not always feasible. When reading some of our posts around cannabis legalities, always do your own research, as the laws can and do change rapidly in this emerging market. Anything on this site should not be considered as legal advice. If you find an error or anything misleading, please contact us.

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Weed Travel Guides

Traveling and cannabis are two words that are becoming more common together. We have some of the most in-depth weed travel guides on the internet, covering all countries and regions around the world.

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THC Product Reviews

The internet is full of affiliate marketers, and we’re no different. A lot of our product reviews contain affiliate links (probably all of them). Any purchases through these links will mean we receive a small commission, at no cost to you. This commission is paid by the seller, not by you. Whether you visit the site through an affiliate link or directly, the product price will be the same for you.

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Music to Listen to While High

What’s a THC playlist? Just some cool music to listen to while high. House music, techno, lounge vibes, psychedelic rock etc. Follow us on Spotify now.

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