2023 Canna Holiday Gift Guide

2023 Canna Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to TheTHCTimes.com Canna Holiday Gift Guide, where the spirit of giving meets the blissful world of THC, CBD, vape, and cannabinoids! In this specially curated collection, we’ve hunted down the best gifts that are sure to elevate the festive joy for all the cannabis aficionados in your life. Whether they are seasoned consumers or curious beginners exploring the enchanting universe of cannabinoids, our unique and thoughtful gift suggestions cater to all.

From sleek vape kits, and luscious CBD-infused treats, to premium THC delights and beyond, each item on our list promises not only quality but a memorable experience that will linger well beyond the holiday season. So, buckle up as we embark on a joyous journey through a wonderland of green, ensuring your gifts this year are met with an exuberant twinkle in the eyes of your loved ones!

Omura Series X

Elevate the gift-giving experience with the Omura Series X, a groundbreaking whole flower vaporizer that combines advanced technology with artful design. Utilizing Omura’s patented Heat-not-Burn approach, the Series X, in partnership with their innovative Flowersticks, ensures the whole flower is gently brought to life through a finely-tuned heat curve, with adaptable high and low settings. Beyond its impressive capabilities, the Series X boasts a slender and elegant profile, distinguishing itself as a standout in both form and function within the market. Complemented by a stylish matching charging base, it’s not merely a device, but a statement piece designed to be showcased at home. Choose the Omura Series X for a gift that promises to reshape and refine the recipient’s whole flower experience, merging the best of tech and aesthetics in one exceptional package.

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Melo Dose

Gift the nostalgic magic of the Melo Dose Krispie, where cherished childhood cereal moments get a contemporary twist. These delicious rice crispy treats are infused with 50mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, making them the perfect blend of sweet memories and mellow moments. Envision the delight on your loved one’s face as they bite into that sugary, crunchy goodness, feeling the gentle lift, akin to a joyous trampoline bounce that just keeps on giving. With a THC content under 0.3%, these treats not only satisfy the sweet tooth but also the spirit, all while staying federally compliant. For a gift that’s both memorable and mesmerizing, choose Melo Dose Krispie treats and let the recipient float in blissful reverie.

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Consider gifting the gift of holistic well-being with MDbio- The Doctor’s Brand™. Tailored for those grappling with stress, sleep issues, or in need of an immunity boost, MDbio stands as a beacon of therapeutic alternatives to traditional prescription medicines. Crafted by four eminent doctors, this brand delivers medical-grade, patient-approved plant-based solutions. Whether your loved ones prefer hemp-infused formulations or non-hemp alternatives, MDbio offers both, ensuring personal preferences are met. When choosing a gift from MDbio, you’re not just selecting a product; you’re bestowing the promise of natural restoration, balance, and a potential pathway to improved health and vitality. Give the gift of wellness and let your loved ones experience a touch of medical expertise in every use.

E1011 Iven Device

Gift the fusion of design excellence and superior functionality with the Iven Device from E1011. Constructed from top-tier, heat-resistant materials, this device promises not only durability but also the utmost safety, allowing its users to delve into the world of vaporization with absolute confidence. Its sleek and compact design ensures it’s a snug fit in any pocket, positioning it as the ultimate travel-friendly companion for all of life’s adventures. Whether it’s for a seasoned vaper or someone looking to venture into the realm of vaporization, the Iven Device promises a seamless experience every time. It’s more than just a device; it’s a passport to a world of exquisite vapor.

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Allure Global CBD

Introduce a touch of luxurious wellness to your gift list with products from Allure Global. At the forefront of the health and wellness revolution, Allure Global combines cutting-edge research with proprietary cannabinoid formulations to offer an impressive range of solutions. Whether it’s the non-addictive pain relief, anti-inflammatory benefits for arthritic joints, modulation of irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, or even enhancing libido for pre & post-menopausal women, their offerings cater to a myriad of needs.

Beyond these, their range extends to personal lubricants, anti-anxiety and sleep vaporizers, cosmetics, and general well-being products. As pioneers in the research and development of cannabidiol derivatives, they also stand tall as principal leaders in the import and export of medical-grade CBD isolates, distillates, and bio-mass. Gifting from Allure Global is essentially offering a blend of innovation, care, and luxury.

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DGK Apparel

 Gift the essence of authentic skate and street culture with DGK apparel, the brainchild of Pro Skater Stevie Williams, who birthed the brand back in 2002. Recognized not just as clothing, but as an emblem of raw, unfiltered urban artistry, DGK has roots deeply embedded in the skateboarding scene, making it an iconic choice for fans and enthusiasts alike. Every piece of DGK apparel carries a legacy, a testament to Stevie Williams’ journey from the streets to skating stardom. When you choose to gift DGK, you’re not merely offering an item of clothing; you’re sharing a slice of street and skate history, a wearable testament to passion, perseverance, and style. Perfect for the trendsetter, the skateboarder, or anyone in love with true urban aesthetics in your life.

Dinner Service NY

Delve into the world of urban fashion with a touch of sustainability with Dinner Service NY, the streetwear sensation captivating global audiences. Their unique approach, blending thoughtfully curated capsule collections in collaboration with musical artists, has set them apart in the fashion scene. Now, for the environmentally-conscious and style-savvy individual on your gift list, their Hemp Corduroy Jacket makes for an impeccable choice.

Not only does this jacket carry the unmistakable aesthetic flair of Dinner Service NY, but it’s also sustainably sourced, marking their commitment to the planet. By gifting this hemp masterpiece, you’re offering more than just a garment; you’re sharing a statement of style, sustainability, and support for innovative artist collaborations. Wrap up this gift and watch as the recipient proudly dons a piece from the forefront of sustainable streetwear. 

Koa + Roy The Massage Cube

Delight your loved ones with the gift of relaxation and sustainability with the Massage Cube from KOA+ROY. This ingenious invention transforms at-home massages into a therapeutic and eco-friendly experience. Tailored to target pains, aches, and soreness, the Massage Cube is infused with calming hemp extract, proven to ease inflammation and reduce anxiety. But the beauty of this product goes beyond its soothing capabilities.

Mindfully crafted, it’s not just made with hemp, but also comes packaged in hemp paper, sealed with biodegradable fibers. So, when you gift the Massage Cube, you’re offering a dual delight: the promise of relaxation and the assurance of environmental responsibility. It’s the perfect gesture for those who cherish both self-care and earth-care.

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 Vitality CBD

Introduce a touch of holistic wellness to your gifting repertoire with Vitality CBD, a trailblazing Buffalo startup renowned for its top-tier CBD creations. Drawing from the pure essence of organic hemp, their Delta-8 collection stands as a testament to quality and innovation. This range spans from potent oils to carts, rich shatter, and aromatic flower. Each product encapsulates the brand’s commitment to health, wellness, and the power of nature. When you present a gift from Vitality CBD’s lineup, you’re offering more than just a product; you’re gifting a journey into the world of premium CBD wellness. Ideal for both seasoned CBD enthusiasts and those eager to explore, these offerings promise to be a cherished gift this season.

High Times Let’s Get Baked!

Gift the joy of culinary creativity combined with the world of cannabis with the “Let’s Get Baked! High Times: The Official Cannabis Cookbook”. Perfect for enthusiasts and epicureans alike, this cookbook, inspired by the iconic High Times Magazine, offers over 60 tantalizing recipes. From delightful CBD and THC-infused creations to scrumptious non-infused dishes for those craving just a sugar rush, it’s a comprehensive guide to crafting mouth-watering edibles.

Embellished with stunning full-color photography, this cookbook isn’t just a collection of recipes; it’s an invitation to an immersive edible adventure. Whether your loved ones are seasoned cannabis chefs or simply curious about infusing their baked goods, “Let’s Get Baked!” promises to be a cherished addition to any kitchen collection, making it a stellar gift choice for the season.

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Delight the taste buds and soothe the senses with a gift from EVN. These gummies are a masterclass in quality and flavor, infused with single-strain hemp rosin and made using the distinctive ‘Special Sauce’ from Sonoma Hills farms – a hybrid strain celebrated for its enchanting earthy and citrus notes. Each gummy packs a balanced punch with 10mg of CBD and 5mg of THC, perfectly designed for those seeking equilibrium in their edibles.

What’s more, the refreshing Sour Watermelon flavor is achieved without any artificial flavors or colors, ensuring a natural and genuine taste experience. When you gift these EVN gummies, you’re offering a delectable journey that marries premium ingredients with meticulous crafting. It’s a taste adventure any recipient would be thrilled to embark upon.

Glow In the Dark Bongs

Illuminate your gift-giving with a touch of luminous allure from ShopSmokeKing.com. Their 10″ Glow-In-The-Dark Bong is not only a functional masterpiece but a work of art. Adorned with a playful blue polka dots theme, this bong guarantees to be the highlight (quite literally!) of any nighttime session.

Crafted from thick, durable glass, it promises longevity while the intricate polka dots artwork adds a touch of whimsy. To ensure immediate use and appreciation, a 14mm bowl piece is thoughtfully included. Whether it’s for a seasoned enthusiast or a newbie looking to elevate their collection, this glow-in-the-dark bong merges style, function, and fun, making it an unforgettable gift for any occasion.

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IHemp Empire

Enveloped in the joyous tumult of the holiday season, I’ve discovered tranquility and bliss in the PureKana 100mg Extra Strength DELTA Gummies and the STNR, Stoners Blend 3 Gram Disposables, both exquisitely available at iHemp Empire, your online sanctuary for top-tier cannabinoid products. iHemp Empire brilliantly simplifies gift-giving this season, serving as a one-stop-shop where a vast array of cannabinoid delights, such as the gentle uplift of PureKana gummies and the discreet, powerful STNR vape, are but a click away. Imagine the joy and serenity your loved ones will feel unwrapping a gift that promises not only premium quality but an experience of calm and euphoria amidst the holiday hustle. Gifting from iHemp Empire isn’t merely a transaction; it’s the seamless delivery of peace, merriment, and a pocket-sized escape to those you cherish most, ensuring their spirits remain high and hearts light throughout the festive season.

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Rogue Origin CBD

Gift a touch of relaxation and top-tier craftsmanship with Lifter Rogue Rollers from Rogue Origin CBD. These Hemp Prerolls stand out as a testament to quality and precision, ensuring every draw is smooth, flavorful, and profoundly satisfying. Crafted from some of the finest hemp, they’re designed for those moments of pause, reflection, and unwinding. Whether your loved ones are familiar with the world of hemp or are looking to embark on a new experience, these prerolls promise a premium journey from start to finish. Presented in Rogue Origin’s signature packaging, gifting these means offering both an exceptional product and an elegant experience, making it a distinguished choice for any occasion.

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The Cones Factory

Gift the essence of precision and quality with pre-rolled cones from The Cones Factory. Crafted through a proprietary semi-automatic system and bolstered by a rigorous three-tier quality testing protocol, these tobacco cones represent the pinnacle of consistency and craftsmanship. The exact sizing ensures seamless compatibility with standard pre-roll filling systems, including Knockbox, Rocketbox, and Thumper, making it a boon for processors and producers alike. Perfect for those who value precision and reliability, these cones promise an unparalleled smoking experience. Present these to your loved ones, and you’re essentially gifting them the luxury of convenience and top-tier craftsmanship.

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Grassroots Harvest

Vegan CBD Gummies (500mg/$40)- These health-conscious CBD gummies check all the boxes. Vegan, no artificial flavors, soy, or corn syrup, and totally delicious. Don’t eat them all at once- 25mg CBD per gummy!

PEARL CBD Lubricant ($25)- PEARL Lubricant is a groundbreaking CBD-infused water-based lubricant that’s designed for female pleasure & comfort. This latex-safe CBD lubricant is perfect for solo adventures or with a partner/partners.

D8 Mini Gummies (300mg/$20)-  Mini Delta 8 THC gummies in a variety of flavors! These delta 8 THC Mini gummies are a mix of four yummy flavors, with 10mg delta 8 THC each! That makes it easy to take the perfect dose, no matter how little- or how much- you need! 30 gummies per jar, so you can enjoy that beach-y feeling over & over again. D8 gummies are a

ScentAir Whisper Home

“Gift the luxury of captivating ambiance with the ScentAir Whisper Home. For nearly three decades, ScentAir has been the hidden gem behind those intoxicating aromas you’ve encountered in premier hotels and resorts. Now, they’re offering that same professional-grade fragrance magic for your home.

Among their new releases is the game-changing Cannabis Neutralizer, meticulously crafted to eliminate cannabis smoke odors, ensuring your home remains refreshingly aromatic post-session. Beyond that, choose from a diverse range of 60+ fragrances, all of which can be effortlessly diffused across spaces up to 800 square feet. The innovation doesn’t stop there – with the ScentAir app, you can tailor the fragrance strength and even set schedules, ensuring a tailored aromatic welcome every time you step through the door. It’s the perfect gift for those who appreciate the finer, fragrant things in life.”

Vegamour GRO+

Vegamour GRO+ Wellness Collection: Immerse yourself in a holistic hair care and wellness journey with Vegamour’s GRO+ Advanced Collection, a series that blends the serenity of self-care with the power of plant-based science. Begin this rejuvenating ritual with the GRO+ Advanced Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner, a duo that transforms your shower into a sanctuary of wellness. These products, boasting vegan keratin alternatives like Karmatin™ and b-SILK™ protein, work harmoniously to leave your hair smooth, soft, and luminous without the use of harsh chemicals.

But the crown jewel of the collection is the GRO+ Advanced Gummies. Enriched with a wealth of nutrients including folic acid, Vitamins A, B-5, B-12, C, and an extraordinary 5000 mcg of biotin, these strawberry-flavored gummies are designed to support fuller, more radiant hair. Just one gummy a day can amplify your hair’s health and appearance.

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